1. She works every day. Every single day Zuzana Pištova is at it. No further explanation required.image_00026 (2)
  2. kafka3She doesn’t paint or draw with a clear idea of whom to sell the work to. She paints from the heart. When it’s finished though, she does look for people and institutions that might be interested in buying her art. For example: after a rotten bureaucratic experience in Belgium, she came home and cheered herself up by drawing ‘Cool Kafka’. A little while later she thought: ok, why not send this in the form of a postcard to the Kafka museum in Prague? She was surprised when they responded immediately and wanted her to send more stuff and her price list!
  3. image_00012 (2)She puts herself out there. She’s building a website, which you can check out here. She goes and sells on markets and fairs. She approaches people who could be interested. Every time Donkichod, our publishing house and theatre stages an event, she does the register of the event and offers her art for sale. She uses her postcards as gifts whenever she’s networking, which people seem to appreciate immensely. I mean, how many times does someone give you a small piece of art the first time you meet them?
  4. image_00016 (2)She sees criticism as a learning opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, she’s sensitive, but if the critic means well, she’ll definitely listen and adapt. She herself is her harshest critic, but she doesn’t beat her own work to death. She sees everything she does as a learning process, and is not afraid to show her work, even though she always thinks she can keep improving.
  5. image_00019 (2)She doesn’t sell out. She simply won’t do anything that’s not in line with her values, no matter how much money you offer, she won’t do it. She’s turned down several opportunities that simply didn’t feel right for her. In short, she’s humble, driven, hard-working and  authentic.