So few people consciously reward themselves. Sure, they do things they love, but not as reward, more as an escape. It’s far better to indulge in things you love as a way of rewarding yourself. It’s great to have discipline, but we are pleasure driven creatures, reinforce your discipline by treating yourself to something ‘juicy’. So how do you reward yourself? When you accomplish a goal, or finish a task, how do you celebrate?

For me it’s bying books. There are certain things I want to do every day, and if I do them I earn some money to buy books. I can’t buy any books with money that I didn’t earn in this way. It’s my guilt free book buying credit. I pay myself a euro for every blog post I write, for every page of a novel I write, for every page of a book I translate, 1 euro a day for doing at least 50 push-ups, 3 euro if I go running (though I think it would take someone paying me at least 50 euro in order for me to start running again) and 1 euro if I can avoid certain bad habits of mine that I sum up in an acronym: SPAMMONSDT. There, all my bad habits or things to avoid, in one little word.


I daily go over this checklist and give myself the credit I deserve. The funny thing is that so far I haven’t spent a single euro of this guilt free fund and I have been doing this for months. Apparently, now that I feel like I’ve earned it, I don’t feel like spending it. I’m waiting to organize a real book buying fest at the end of the year. Before I applied this reward system, I used to buy books as a form of escapism. I spent hours browsing Amazon looking for cheap books to buy, and I ended up buying hundreds in only a couple of years. As you can imagine 80 percent went unread.

The system works for me, I get a kick out of building up credit. Especially small things I no longer put off, thinking: come on, just do this right now and you get a euro. Rising early has become a lot easier, so has doing push-ups. The only area here it has had zero impact is running. On the whole though I see some definite improvement.

And hey, I just made an other euro by writing this blog post.

What are the things you want to reward yourself for? What sort of guilt free reward would you like to get?

Live an authentic day!