l225487His name is Dávid Winkler. He’s Slovak and fluent in several foreign languages. His skills are in high demand in the budding city of Bratislava. At the moment he’s working at the Norwegian embassy, and before that he held a position at the Dutch embassy. Before that he worked as a journalist. In his spare time he writes and creates stories. He likes to blend important historical events and insights with romantic elements. ‘I have a friend who totally forgot something like D-Day ever happened, but she liked the story and the characters in the book, and now she has a good idea about what happened during the Second World War’.

Ever since he was a child he wanted to write a book. This year his dream came true. He’s written a historical novel against the background of World War II. The book is called Potomok, which you could translate as The Descendant. In the story we get to meet a Slovak woman who had a brief, but intense relationship with an American soldier. Their ways part, but it turns out she’s pregnant. Something the girl needs to keep a secret under the communist regime.  His Slovak grandson, Richard, eventually goes looking for his grandfather. He gets the help of a girl named Amanda. They will discover that their lives are entangled in ways they could never have imagined.

Dávid Winkler has been helping out our theater group and publishing house (discover Donkichod on Facebook) a lot lately, getting us in touch with actors and graphic designers. We are dealing with a man who gets down to business when he sets himself a goal. Here at Donkichod we love that sort of attitude.

He’s clearly done extensive research prior to writing his novel. The story grabs the reader immediately, which is no small feat. What’s always extra impressive is that he didn’t sit around to wait for a publisher, as soon as the novel was finished he published it himself. Not a cheap decision, but it paid off. The first 100 copies went straight out the door and now he’s left without a single copy. He sent me the book in a word version, but if I want a paper version I’ll have to wait. As the Latin saying goes: audentes fortuna juvat. Fate helps those who dare. Dávid Winkler has been rewarded for his hard work and initiative, a Slovak publisher saw the value of the book and deciced to publish it. One of the best known publishing houses, Marenčin PT, will make it available in all bookstores by november 2016.

Our publishing house, Donkichod, has more than enough work for the time being, however, we are planning to buy the foreign to Dávid Winkler’s novel, as the theme and the style of the book appeal to us, and because we are convinced we can expect some literary gems from this driven and meticulous author.

If you read Slovak you can pre-order the book here. If you read Dutch, you’ll have to wait a bit, at least a year. If you would like to read the book in English, well, Dávid would like to translate it to English and could use some help finding an Anglosaxon publishing house. You can also contact him if you’d like to find out more, via his Facebook profile