cafe kut 4
Postoj chvila, si krasna is written on this door in the old town of Bratislava. Stop for a minute, you’re beautiful. In Slovak it’s clear the request is meant for female ears 🙂
cafe kut 1
I want to be like your first cup of coffee in the morning, get a message from you wishing me good night, live years of glory with you, be your joint full of pot.
cafe kut 2
Money is an instrument of Satan. The gate seems to teach economics 101.
cafe kut 3
There are gates that ask for poems and there are poems that want to be on gates.
cafe kut 5
If you speak Dutch it can be quite a surprise to see a bar named ‘kut’. In Slovak it means ‘corner’, but in Dutch it means ‘cunt’.
cafe kut 6
The interior is red and rosy, the lights are dimmed, there’s a cozy couch and the tables are round (from a psychological point of view round tables are better, they let you bond more easily). Abandon all worries yee who enter cafe kut.