I do it almost every day. I send out one to max five tweets a day. It’s become as natural as doing the dishes, brushing my teeth or checking the news (wait, do I check the news?). I never stop to ask myself why I bother going on Twitter. So why am I on Twitter?

Five possible answers:

-I want to make my mark on the world. Ok, fine, as do many people. But why use Twitter for it? What has Twitter ever done for me, except getting a couple hits for my blogs? And by the way, what do I expect from getting hits on my blogs? I have no answer to that one.
-it has let me experiment with how I present myself to the world. Apparently I find it important that the world knows I’m very much into the American Civil War, to give just one example. The world doesn’t seem to care though. So why keep repeating it on Twitter?
-I want to get in touch with people who like the same things as me and start conversations and perhaps even friendships. But seriously, could there be a worse ‘place’ to go than Twitter to accomplish that? It’s not even a place!
-I secretly hope kindred spirits will come forward and make excellent suggestions that will enhance my life (This has never happened, not once in over four years of having a Twitter account)
-by retweeting stuff about positive attitudes and tweeting about my adventure of self improvement I hope to inspire others. I have zero proof suggesting I have ever inspired anyone through Twitter. I have plenty of proof though that I have managed to inspire others in real life. So, any time spent tweeting, could actually be better spent interacting with people in real life.

Conclusion: I am on Twitter because apparently I suck at getting the right connections in the ‘real’ world. And/or I am heavily hooked on approval seeking and/or I don’t have enough nurturing connections in my real life.

Is the same true for all those other Twitter people out there? Is your being on Twitter proof of not having a life? That can’t be true, can it? Who wants to meet in real life and discus this over a cup of coffee or tea? I want tweet during our conversation, I promise.