The first effect of this ‘365 challenge’ is that the fact that I have to report here on my progress makes me very aware of how I spend my time.

I notice I lose a lot of time on Twitter, the endless stream of very varied and tiny chunks of information is very addictive. It’s like eating patatoe chips, you keep stuffing yourself with them long past the point where they tasted well and long past the point where they started to make you feel empty and overly full both at the same time. Have to discipline my mind if I am to accomplish everything I want to accomplish this year, so I’ve turned Twitter into a no go zone, unless I have a new blog post to share.

Also, I have to set daily, manageable goals, because if I take a look at all the goals I’ve set for myself I drown in them and don’t know where to start.

Yesterday’s goals were:

-finish reading ‘how the north won the civil war’ and post a review of it on Amazon
-do so many push-ups I’ll be exhausted
-talk Slovak as much as possible, ask lots of questions, play The Settlers of Catan in Slovak (if my family members are up for it)
-write a blog post about the ‘365 challenge’ obviously and blog in dutch
-write one episode of one of my novels
-start reading the Slovak novel I got as a present yesterday (see picture)

How did I do?

Well, I won the game. I fell asleep talking to my girlfriend about trends in slovak, about trends in society. I finished reading that Civil War book, but I didn’t write anything except blog posts.

How will I do today?