If it’s unclear how I want to improve myself exactly, I can always claim I was succesful at the end of this year, and it won’t be clear to anyone whether I’m telling the truth or not. Let’s make sure there are plenty of ways to test if I’ll have progressed or not. Let’s establish at least ten clear ways of proving success or faillure by the end of 2015.

The checklist for New Year’s eve 2015:

-how many useful books did you read? Can you prove these were useful reads? Anything between 30 and 52 is fine. Anything above 52 is a major success. (But how to determine they were useful reads? Hmm, will think about that one)

-how many days of the year did you go running? Anything under half is a total faillure. Anything above 300 is a major success. Anything in between is a moderate success.

-have you lost 15 pounds or turned fat into muscle?

-have you staged a new play and was it better than last year? (My girlfriend will supply the correct and honest answer to that question, no worries)

-I have something like 17,000 euros right now. How many by the end of this year?

-I have zero stocks right now. How many do I have by the end of the year?

-at the moment I have exactly ONE friend who lifts me higher. One… Yes, one… Not counting any family members, Flemish, Slovak or Alien. This is the secret code word to make sure the friend knows whom I’m talking about: Pitchforks. How many do I have by the end of the year? Two is an improvement, three is a major improvement. If I’ll have four you won’t be reading about it just on my blog, because I’d have my own media empire if so many people would be lifting me up. (have I mentioned I’m a closet case megalomaniac?)

-I attend zero courses right now. How many by december 2015?

-I know zero Americans to help me with my phd on the ACW. How many by the deadline of this insanely egocentric but somehow typically me project?

-I have one solid volunteer project going on right now. Can I up this to two or three? Or four?

-I have zero manuscripts I feel confident about. How many by 12/31? One is a success, two would already be a major success.

-I hate the way I look and dress. Do I still hate the way I look and dress by 12/31?

-I feel too introverted in public settings and want to be more outgoing. Will again turn to my girlfriend to evaluate this by 12/31.

-I have serious trouble communicating with men. Can I establish a better relationship with my father in law and one other older guy? (My girlfriend will be the judge of that again)

-can I become politically active in a way consistent with my beliefs? (Ok, my girlfriend is fast being promoted into being my Head of the supreme court of progress evaluation)

-I do not have a civil war blog right now. Will I get one and how many posts will be on it by 12/31?

-I have done zero vlogs right now. How many by 12/31?

-I love English, but have only once been to an English speaking country and have zero English speaking friends. How many by 12/31?

-my Slovak is something like a B2 level right now. Will I get to C1 or C2 to by the end of the year?

-I want to be more original in my every day life. I’ll give myself a treat here, and will be the judge of that myself.

-how many clients will I have helped by the end of 2015?

-how many posts will I manage in this series? (Very curious about that one myself!) Ideally, I have to have 365.

We were off to a mixed start yesterday, lots of booze and sugary food yesterday but hours and hours of immersion in the slovak language. And I did get some serious reading done. But I’ll have to do better today!