It’s ADD with a killerinstinct, ADD with a history, I call it Addy the evil gene spirit.

It’s the voice that killed my grandfather, has on several occasions come very close to kill my dad’s uncle, my grandfather’s brother, the same voice that killed my dad and the same voice that’s out (well, in) to kill me.

Addy wants to take me down, Addy likes to wrestle, he knows every illegal move, and there is no referee, if he attacks, he pulls all the stops, he’s got the saw blade bayonet, the dum dum bullet, the blinding laser gun, tactical nucleair bombs, fragmentation bombs, stinger rockets, he sends squadron’s of A-10’s when I hit him with a tank, he’s always one step ahead. It’s Addy, slayer of Peynsaerts, for centuries most likely.

Addy is in the name-calling business. Words don’t break my bones, rocks and sticks will, but against words there is no shield. The only thing Addy doesn’t like, is when other, outside, voices, be it from a person, a book, or my artistic voice talk so loud, I can’t hear him any more. Like all bullies, Addy was a push-over, before he became a bully. When he meets a stronger kid on the playground he skulks and sulks- in that order.

I’ll never really shut up Addy. If given a chance, Addy jumps on me. So, I constantly need to surround me with louder, more interesting voice, I don’t manage to do that for one to two weeks, there’s a very good chance, Addy, might sneak up on me, catch me of guard, sleeping in the trenches and cut off my head with a sharpened spade.