I lack efficient male rolemodels. I grew up in all female environment. My mum, six aunts, two nieces, who all brought along a whole set of female colleagues.

The only male rolemodel I had, was a hilarious man, with a talent for shocking, taboe skirting humor, with manic bursts of comic energy followed by murky spells of vile depression. He also had the belief that we were fucked. Somebody was fucking us. The government, men in suits, people secretely pulling the strings and fucking us over. This is not a very efficient rolemodel. Though we did have a lot of laughs while we’re complaining about how the evil powers were fucking us over.

I myself don’t really have a personality of my own. If I would liken myself to an economy, I’m like the Japanese economy. I shop around for quality products and then go and mass produce them. The problem is that with so many products to choose from, I’m never quite sure which ones I should copy. Though I have my favorites. But having no firm personality of my own, I need to constantly remind myself of my favorites. And not believing in any kind of religion, not having any real male rolemodels, I turn to history to form me.

That’s why I put a picture of German WWII general Von Seydlitz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_von_Seydlitz-Kurzbach) on my wall. He was an aristocrat, but didn’t treat anyone better or worse based on his or hers status. He talked to any one in the same way. As a general he carried a rifle around. No general does that. It got him instant love from the men in the ranks. I like this in a man, this communism of respect. And so I want to copy it.

Von Seydlitz is my latest addition to the board of potential emulation, so I won’t discuss the +1000 other guys/ ersatz role models.

Since putting him on my wall, I treat everyone I meet like they were famous. The generosity this sparks off in people has proven invaluable.

Try it for one week, treat everybody as if they were the biggest superstars you’ve ever met.