Project authenticity

This site is many things to many different people. It can be a blog about living authentically. A site about American politics. A blog about Slovak women. A blog about Slovak culture or Belgian culture or western culture. At times it's a blog about the economics of every day life. It's a site about parenting. A blog about literature. A blog about psychology. There are blogs about dating, blogs about travel, blogs about money, blogs about teaching, blogs about dating Slavic girls, blogs about Palestine. It's a site for leftists. It's a site for progressives. A site for femdom lovers. A site for vagitarians. A site for language teachers. A site for people with a huge libido and a big heart. A site for go-getters. In a way also a site for entrepreneurs. A site with erotic stories for women. Maybe it's easier to describe what the people who regularly visit have in common. The readers of this site tend to be seekers. They tend to be people who are a bit dissatisfied with life and are looking for more, not just for themselves but for humanity in general. It's a blog for people looking for peace, love, empathy, solidarity and yes, also a good dose of excitement. Whatever brought you here, know that you are welcome.

What do you think?

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