Visualizing what it is you want as if you already have it.

That’s the law of attraction in a nutshell, right?

Will this attract the things you want into your life?

Yes and no.

If you were a pilot and you had your own private aircraft then it would make total sense to settle on a destination before taking off, agreed?

Ok, you could of course just take it for a spin, but even that would still be a conscious decision on your part.

You would probably also not fly just anywhere other people tell you. If your neighbour told you to fly to Antarctica you probably wouldn’t do it. If you read in the paper that owners of a plan should fly to the south of Mexico you might disagree and go: but I don’t wanna go there. You would choose your own destination, right?

The same should be true for your life. You should decide on the destination. Yet very few people actually do so. How many people do you know who actually sat down and really studied their options, their own capabilities and their own likes and dislikes and then decided what to do with their life without caring what other people had to say about it or what people around them were doing?

Lots of people decide on important stuff almost on a whim. They go to med school because their brother did, they pick a college, because a girl they like goes there, they buy a certain car because they think it will impress people in the neighbourhood and so on. Even worse, some people don’t even make any big decisions at all. They kind of stumble into a job, into a partner, into a buying a house, into marriage with kids and when all the almost prescribed boxes have been checked they go: ow well, I guess that’s just life or they wake up depressed and feel like they hae no right to be depressed, since they have ‘everything’ any ‘normal’ person has. It’s like life runs them instead of the other way around.

So if anything good came out of the Law of Attraction ‘movement’ it’s certainly this: it allowed many people to start dreaming, to start being honest to themselves about what they truly wanted in life.

That’s great!

If you know what you want in your life you are way ahead of the game already. Most people are pretty clueless about what it is they are seeking. Some aren’t even seeking much further than what’s next on Netflix.

Hey, if you decide your life is about enjoying Netflix any chance you get then I say: Great! And I mean it. The thing is that it should be a conscious decision. As long as it doesn’t become a destructive addiction that destroys your life deriving joy out of Netflix is great.

Watching Netflix to dull the pain of thinking there is nothing better out there for you? Not so great.

The second most important aspect of The Law of Attraction is:

the bit about attracting the stuff you want.

You should act as though you already had the thing you want and then somehow it will appear.

This may sound like a whole lot of wishful thinking, but to some degree it definitely makes sense.

You find opportunities where your focus goes and where your intention is clear.

If you go: I want to make money through finding stuff on the street and I believe it’s possible, then chances are you will start spotting opportunities. Maybe you will start returning empty cans and bottles to the store for some change. Maybe you will find the best places to find lots of empty cans and bottles very fast and very regularly. Eventually you will figure out a way to get them back to the shop more efficiently and in bigger quantities. You will likely succeed.

You didn’t go: I am visualizing how to get rich by finding things on the street. You visualized making some money. And you did make some money. It worked.

And maybe you go: so what?

What we have learned through this example is that it can be tricky WHAT to visualize. You’d better be precise. And my advice? You’d better think big.

Somebody might visualize getting a very decent monthly salary through finding stuff on the street and actually set up his own recycling centre and start producting cool products with waste and start making good money. Sort of the same intention, but just bigger, with more energy behind it.

What we also see is that in both cases it will still require… action.

Sitting on your couch visualizing isn’t going to accomplish anything. It could alleviate some stress in the moment, but there won’t be many tangible results. You do have to get up and act.

But no worries, in my experience once you start visualizing something you are excited about you actually WANT to get off the couch and go do things.

So be excited about what you are visualizing. Visualize it indeed as though you already have the thing you want. The feeling of wanting should vanish. You should FEEL like you already have it. Then use your excitement to get into action.

Visualize yourself actively going after the things you want.

Believe you can and opportunities will start showing up.

Perhaps it’s Will Smith who said it:

Believing you can, is the first step.

So does the Law of Attraction work?

Yes, yes, yes,

if you believe AND if you work.


If you decide on the right goals for you.

So how do you come up with those?

What makes something the right goal for you?

Many motivational speakers will say you need a vision.


The more excited you are about that vision the more certain you can be it truly is YOUR vision.

Where to find inspiration for that vision though?