Am in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Slovakia is full of people who consider their own country to be one of the shittiest places on earth.

That’s the wrong attitude all together.

Make the best out of wherever you are.

Is Slovak the most beautiful language I can think of? It’s not, but I learned it anyway.

Are Slovak movies and Slovak books wonderful? Neh, but I try to keep up to date and I enjoy knowing stuff about a country that most Americans will probably confused with the Czech Republic or Slovenia or non-existing Czechoslovakia.

You are where you are.

Life is the sandwich you have been offered.

Bite down hard.

Do what most people won’t do.

Take it all in, embrace it.

And if you can’t…

Then pack your bags and leave.

You know…

Love it or leave it…

I started hating on Belgium and am glad I left.

Now I see the fucking beauty of Belgium and its people, but I didn’t and at that time I couldn’t.

Shit has taught me that in most cases we decide if we see shit or ripe fruit ready for the picking.

Try seeing ripe fruit everywhere and chances are you will spot it.

Slovakia – just like many places on this earth – are about as good or as bad as we decide to experience them.

You won’t

but a penny for my thoughts is appreciated.