Unless you are a huge Wahlberg fan… skip it.

The Guardian has an almost spiteful review of the show. It reeks a bit of envy.

The author of the piece clearly wants to see Mark fail and fail bad.

Only a petty, insecure, dissatisfied person would want that, so if you want to know what envy sounds like go read the Guardian’s review.

The worst I can say about this reality show is that it’s a bit… boring.

And I consider myself to be a Mark Wahlberg fan. Not a huge one, but a fan nonetheless.

It also sped up the hyperloop in my head going:

You don’t do enough.

You don’t do enough.

You don’t do enough.

Love him or hate him, but Mark Wahlberg has built an impressive career as an actor and as an entrepreneur.

I would love to wake up and immediately work out with my staff and business partners. I would love to have business meetings to talk about the future of my companies (plural). I sure wouldn’t mind going to the premiere of a movie I have the lead part in.

The best thing you can get from the show is the motivation to step up your game and build something you can be proud of.

That’s already way more than you get out of most reality TV shows.

It’s all a bit dry and everyone on the show talks Mark up incessantly, so no, unless you need some ‘can do vibes’ there is not much here for you.

It’s also not going to teach you how to start your own business. Things get a little easier once you are a famous actor.

You will also not learn anything about who Mark really is or where he came from.

Am sure Mark is a very disciplined guy with a burning hunger to create profitable companies.

To me that’s inspiring.

To some it’s only fun to watch when he is failing.

I know very few men who wouldn’t want to trade their life for that of Mark Wahlberg though.

I even have a hunch the Guardian’s reviewer would jump at the opportunity.

What does any of that have to do with you, dear reader?

Let me save you some time.

Assuming you are less of a Mark Walhberg fan than I am.

Am 99,9 percent there is a lot more fun stuff for you to do than to sit through two seasons of people talking about how they are building a multigenerational money making machine without giving you any real insight into how a company is actually built.

Oh, and let me mention a movie I never thought I’d like: TED.

Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg make you forget you are watching a movie about a foul-mouthed teddy bear who dares party girls to take a shit in the living room.


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