I am a bit allergic to the word boss, but here is my answer:

First of all I expect my boss to be… me. I prefer to be my own boss.

The word ‘boss’ always evokes connotations of having to do shit just because someone tells you to do it and that’s just incongruent with who I am.

This doesn’t mean I never accept having a boss. If that boss is a very likeable person with great goals, is very caring, consistent and encouraging and gives his employees credit where credit is due, then I zealously support such a boss.

As we all know such bosses are rare indeed.

The odds of landing a job with a boss like that are bad…

In our current business world it’s often the worst people who know how to climb the corporate ladder. The nicest people tend to avoid having to give orders to other people.

For that reason I prefer to be my own boss.

Your turn.

What do you expect from a boss?

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