What I liked about it:

The chemistry between the two main characters feels real. Their interactions are convincing. It’s like you, the viewer, are there with them, going along on their date, watching it all unfold from up close. This is also thanks to the fantastic camera work.

There is passion, there is conflict, there is some funny dialogue, there is flirtatious behavior, mating behavior… The movie takes you practically through all stages of a new relationship.

Their experimental phase goes quite a bit further than most couples will risk. But many people do fantasize about this stuff. Some try.

I know I have tried some of their experiments with some of my girlfriends.

The way the story unfolds here is realistic. I keep using that word to describe this movie.

I had the same feeling with Like Crazy (same director, same writer), authentic dialogue, the couples feels ‘real’.

This movie goes deeper than ‘Like Crazy’. The characters have a bit more flesh to their personalities and background stories.

Both are excellent movies though. This one has a sadder shadow hanging over it.

The two main characters are attractive, have a intense energy to them and they have that hunger I like so much in people. Although I don’t often meet them.

That hunger that’s also raging in me.

Of course am going to like a movie that so accurately depicts a hunger for connection, for intimacy, for passion, for aliveness.

By the way, Newness was dedicated to Anton, by which I think they are referring to Anton Yelchin, the male lead in Like Crazy who died in a tragic accident at his home a few years back.


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