Got up at 4.30





Waiting for my first student of the day. Lesson scheduled to start at 7 am.

He overslept, so no lesson. Did get paid for my time.

Cut the vegetables for lunch.

Listened to hypnosis stuff recommended by one therapist.

Listened to angry and very bi-polar Puddle of Mudd in the shower.

Went to my first face to face class of the day.

A pharmaceutical company. Very interesting.

We went into quite a lot of detail related to business.

Very intelligent man.

Walked to the next company. About 300 yards down the road.

Young woman. About 24.

We talked about a personal tragedy that happened this weekend. I can’t go into out of respect for her privacy, but it was some horrendous shit. Asked her how she’s coping with this. Listened. Am used to stories like this. It did surprise me, cause it’s one of the worst ones I’ve heard. My childhood was a breeze compared to that.

Very friendly, also very intelligent lady.

Off to the next company. By taxi, cause it’s on the other side of town.

Managed to have a protein packed lunch somewhere in between.

The next lesson is a group. Lively group with a good sense of humor, curious, spontaneous, open, also very friendly. Did some exercises on propositions. Asked them about 70 questions. Hmm, didn’t seem like 70, but I guess I did ask them 70 questions. I’ll include the list below.

Had some contact with, ehm, let’s call her my Muse.

Listened to more of that hypnosis re-programming. If this works then freedom must be right round the corner. I will listen to it a million times if that’s what’s going to make me stop feeling like am dead already.

Hugged Bruno of course. Picked him up and carried him around in my arms. He sat on my lap while watching some videos. His preferred way of watching videos.

Possibly a little high from eating so much less.

Not hungry at all.

Got a compliment on the way I look. Doesn’t happen often. Happens more often lately.

Not using all this boundless energy efficiently.

Will either teach more classes or look for a job on top of my classes.

Since I can’t sit down to write for longer than 30 minutes tops.

This was my Tuesday.

It’s not gonna get me in the history books.

Very much missing is some steamy intimacy with a gorgeous woman whose wounds match mine.

Something along those lines.

I expect too much from life, I know.