As you can guess I woke up early. 4.30 am this time. Went to do those pull-ups.

Ate a frugal breakfast. Blogged.

Z took Bruno to church. Am not allowed to join, because even when am not making fun of the pedophile behind the altar my anti-clerical presence ruins it for her.

Did push-ups. Studied the list of things, attitudes, people, etc I want and do not want in my life.

After the catholic brainwashing session we took Bruno to a restaurant. Z picked so I expected it to be a lila colored hipster place with overpriced portions for midgets, but the food was tasty. And am now used to eating smaller portions. I used to eat 5 times (yes) what you see pictured here.

Chatted with Jaro. Posted too many things on Facebook for my ever dwindling number of ‘friends’ there.

Went to shop for healthy food. But also gin and rum cause next Friday is my monthly cheat day. Still a day I won’t eat any junk food. But yeah, some alcohol with friends will be on the menu. Listened to some motivational stuff. Some of it was quite good.

Went for a walk. Music in my ears so loud am sure it damaged them.

I had one class scheduled for today, but the student cancelled it late, so I did get paid.

We took Bruno to a very nice playground. Played a bit.

Partly because I had no work my feelings of depression got very bad today. Talked to Z about it. She’s very tired of hearing about it, cause she can’t do anything about it anyway. She basically said my core was broken and I try to distract myself from the pain, but it’s not working. And then it gets worse and worse.

I have never been a fan of Sundays.

Tomorrow is Bruno’s first school day.

Want to make it as great an experience as possible for him. Made sure I will be free to walk him to school and to pick him up after.

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