We go for a walk around a lake called Strkovec. If you can’t pronounce it, then that’s more than normal.

He walks towards a girl sitting on a bench all alone. Quite a rare sight here in Slovakia. Women tend to not be sitting alone in a public place.

A bit of chitchat. He gets her number. He wants to walk off. I join and sit down and tell him to sit down as well. I want him to drag out this conversation for as long as possible. We talk quite a bit. She tells us a lot about herself and asks both of us a lot of questions. She looks more at him than at me and we keep the whole situation as clear as day. I talk him up to her. Whenever things go silent I say something to reignite the dialogue and play with my phone to give him space. She asks if I don’t miss having siblings being an only child and I say I don’t, but call him my brother. She seems to like that.

Things go almost as smoothly as can be. The only thing to take this a step further would be to go to a different place with her, preferably without me now, and to start with some physical touching. That’s not up to me to initiate. He is wonderful at starting a conversation. But when it comes to ‘escalation’ on the spot his engine sputters. I am bad at starting conversations, but am excellent at keeping them going. We both have a lot to learn from each other.

As to the girl, I can’t for the life of me imagine she will not want to see him again, since it went so well, but he says you never know. That first interaction can be without any fire or with a blaze of fire and still there is no way to tell if she’ll agree to a second meet or not.

I tell him that if this one doesn’t want to see him again am going to chuck out everything I think I know about women and will start over from scratch.

Will Jam Ski, Ex-wanna-be intellectual and actively dumbing down in order to be happier in life

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