So… Am hurting. Bleeding inside in fact. Everyone close to me can immediately tell. They see me and a piece of my pain shoots into their face like botox.

I can sit around and sulk or I can use every moment of the day to prepare for better days.

I still don’t know what life is about. Maybe it’s not about anything. I do know it’s not about wallowing in your pain and hoping things are going to be different.

I have chosen to make it about being able to look at myself without shame and about finding ways and people to share this intense, almost unbearable passion and intensity with. It’s what I carry inside me. And if I don’t find a way to share it to my satisfaction it’s going to lead to my destruction.

I have a vision and I will attain it or die trying.


Life is also not about allowing yourself to get frustrated about everything going wrong in this world. A mistake I have made far too many times. It doesn’t change a thing and it hamstrings your own happiness and how does that help??


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