My biggest fear concerning the ever hotter weather? Global food shortages, cause I have a son to feed. Am planning to hamster gargantuan quantities of pasta. But then we do need to cook that pasta and for that we need gas. And it’s not certain if we will have gas. I can’t hamster gas. For the first time in my life I think it’s possible there will be empty supermarkets. Here in Slovakia that’s nothing new, since they experimented with communism, but for me it will be quite alarming. We all know civilized behaviour in people is just a layer of varnish. Two days without breakfast cereals or pastry and Europeans will tear each other apart to get the last croissant. A week without avocados and civil war breaks out. Humanity, no matter how civilized things look on the surface, can be triggered into savagery in a matter of days, if not hours.


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