Did he ever really want to win?

Remember back in 2016 when he singlehandedly killed talk about Hillary’s use of a private server?

His biggest fear is to become ostracized from mainstream land like Ralph Nader. Nader is much more consistent in his criticism of the US, the oligarchy and the Democrats’ role in that. The result is simple. Bernie is a senator. Nader is not.

Bernie is not just a senator. He is a senator for life. As long as he does not attack the Democrat party on a fundamental level the Democrats will not challenge him in Vermont. You can start to wonder if feudalism ever really died. The Democrats have given Vermont to Bernie as his own personal fiefdom. Bernie is the vasal and the Democratic Party is his lord. He has pledged fealty to them. From time to time he has to pay hommage to its leaders. Every time he calls Joe Biden his ‘good friend’ I want to puke.

Bernie has been called a sheep dog. In the primaries leading up to the presidential elections he builds an enormous enthusiasm among young voters for what appears to be the chance for real change and then when push comes to shove he tells them to vote for whomever the party establishment and the billionaires have selected. There is nothing democratic about the US political system. Bernie is not even trying to change that. He goes along with it.

Is there anything positive to say about Bernie? Even though he is going to do nothing to bring about real change, he did open some people’s eyes to certain things. Yes, the Democratic primary is fake. It’s not the voters who decide the outcome. Someone like Obama can jump in any time and tell candidates to drop out and rally around the one the billionaires want. The treatment of Bernie by the media exposed them as entirely biased and acting in cohoots with the Democratic establishment. They also preferred sensation over substance by giving infinitely more air time to Trump’s antics than to Bernie’s speeches about how the US could – basically this is what it was – show more empathy to its struggling citizens.

Bernie is an ally of the Democratic Party. His motivation is save himself a seat at the table of the televised. By being loyal to the Dems he gets to go on the news from time to time. He thinks he is someone by not rubbing the Dems the wrong way. The opposite is true. He will go down as a nobody, because he did not truly fight for what he says he believes in.

The US will not become a country through its political system. The US political system is run with the sole aim of maintaining the status quo. Keep a few fabulously wealthy and influential and keep the rest waving flags and sing patriotic songs while their tax money is going to the military industrial complex and other big business interests. The US political system with its phony shadow fight between Democrats and Republicans is there to give you the illusion of choice.

It’s scary, cause it could easily dissolve and turn into a fascist dictatorship. The word fascist gets used way to often and as a result the meaning gets lost, but am using it in its historical meaning. A state where big business controls everything and anyone who challenges that is beaten, brutalized, marginalized and locked up. Since a fascist state tends to fuck up its own economy it starts to compensate for an ailing economy by invading other countries and stealing from them. The US in many ways is already like that, but it’s not quite there yet. In the margins there is still some organizing possible, some debate, some criticism, some opposition.

If Trump had been more talented as an organizer he could have done it. He could have installed an open dictatorship. Luckily Trump is an egocentric clown addicted to attention and not someone with the discipline, forethought, long term strategic thinking or even someone who can build the necessary alliances to pull that off. He did dream of it, but he lacks the necessary qualities. He was building steam for it and then hope someone else would make it happen for him. Organizing a coup is a bit more tedious than tweeting.

Because of its ‘everything for the happy few and empty slogans for the rest’ kinda system the US will continue to break apart into basically four regions.

The gated communities of the super rich, living far removed from what is considered a ‘normal’ life. People who are so privileged that any understanding of the world outside of their mansions, golf courses and yachts is no longer possible.

The territory of the shrinking middle class, places where life is still ok, stressful and lifes that are all about work, but ok.

The underclass of people having two combine low paying jobs in a perpetual frantic scramble to make ends meet. The class that supplies the cannon fodder for America’s foreign wars. The class that is flirting with homelessness every day, because there are no social buffers in place to lift them up. Politicians still pretend to care about these, cause some of them vote.

The paria class. The millions of Americans who couldn’t keep up. They’re not even counted as unemployed anymore. They don’t count at all. They sleep on the street, in tent camps, in their car. Some still have jobs, but are homeless nonetheless. Politicans don’t care about these, cause they are literally at the margins of society. They are blamed for their own plight, looked down upon and mostly forgotten.

Bernie talked about building a better society for all and then did everything to make himself and his message of empathy entirely toothless.