A sexually motivated crime comes back to haunt a group of friends 30 years later. The central theme deals with guilt, the folly of youth, loss of innocence, delicate choices to protect one’s self but also loved ones, ambition, career, upbringing, money…. It’s a lot. Maybe because the show briefly comments on a lot of aspects of what it is to be human it doesn’t come with any clear message. Perhaps the loudest message it has, is: sometimes it’s very hard to determine what the right thing to do is. An ‘evil’ decision may have some happy consequences and a morally right decision doesn’t necessarily have to have a positive aftermath. At first glance it may seem a pity the choices the characters have to make seem fairly easy. There’s a lot of ‘evil’ stuff the characters could simply have avoided, but I guess that’s almost always true of anyone who’s ever done something dumb and destructive.

The acting is pretty good. There is some overacting here and there. Flemish actors have become a lot better over the past ten years or so. From absolutely horrid at times to solid and convincing. Also the way people in Flemish series talk has become a lot more authentic. The plot hooks you with all the typical mechanics of spell-binding series. Key information is divulged at a slow pace. The viewers are fed just enough misleading information to leave you guessing.

As mentioned before, lots of topics are touched upon, but without ever landing a real knockout blow. When the credits rolls you are left with lots of questions. The dramatic events of two summers with 30 years in between are contrasted, but some of those dramatic events are not very believable unfortunately. This breaks the spell and gives you a cold reminder that you are in fact just watching a fictional story.

What I liked was that when some items were shown early on you felt like those items were eventually going to be used in a dramatic way. Tschechow would have have approved.

Also nicely done were the conflicting reactions the victim has when it comes to processing what happened to her. It’s far from perfect though. The reactions of the perpetrators are predictable. The motivation of at least one character is a bit hard to place. Some things have to be spelled out a bit too elaborately to have them make sense. The luxurious, iddylic setting also doesn’t quite awe the viewer for some reason. Some things are mentioned, but not really felt. There is not much character development and quite a lot of information is just dumped on the viewer to keep the plot going. Luckily the plot itself is good enough to keep you watching and at least the questions the series raises will keep your mind occupied for some time.

If it was intended as a summer storm it lands more like a summer breeze, but a summer breeze can be just what the doctor ordered on a sultry evening when you can’t fall asleep anyway.

The show vaguely reminded me of the show White Lines which dealt with similar topics and also contrasted middle aged men and women with events in their youth.

White Lines I’d give an 8 out of 10.

Two summers I would give a 6 out of 10.

Meaning: I definitely enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t want to watch it a second time.

You can start watching it here.


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