The country that loves to sabotage the economies of nations it considers to be hostile and then blames the effects of their sabotage on socialism, the country that is donating billions of dollars to support Ukraine – a country far away from its own borders – in its struggle against Russia, that same country cannot even make sure their citizens have access to… baby formula. Even before this shortage it was already the most frequently shoplifted item in supermarkets…

Can it be any more obvious that America’s ruling elite does not give a damn about Americans who are not part of the moneyed club?

What a pity most Americans are so susceptible to rhetoric, pathos, slogans, identity politics, distracting debates about non-issues, empty phrases, pandering, flag waving, fake smiles, tough guy talk, empty gimmicks and all other all American brain rot propaganda.

Not since Nazi Germany has a people allowed itself to be fucked up the ass by its politicians with such gusto.