The Russian army has historically been unable to win a war without first walking into a few traps. 
They seem to recovering though. Slowly but surely. Russia is cutting off several major cities with its large reserve of armoured vehicles. This is a tedious and cumbersome process, since the Ukrainians are able to delay and disrupt these formations. Plus, the Russians are struggling to get fuel and food to their forward units. Still, the Russians should manage to put severe strain on Kiev’s supply lines in the coming days. Without a steady influx of supplies it will become much harder for Ukraine to defend these cities. The suffering of civilians will intensify. 
It’s possible for motivated fighters to defend a besieged city for many months. Unless some surprise peace settlement is reached we have to brace for the worst. 
In the south things have gone a bit better for the Russians than elsewhere. Unless they mess up again they should be able to connect Crimea with the freshly conquered areas in the south-east of Ukraine. Marioepol will likely see very heavy fighting since there is strong neo-nazi influence there. 
If the Russians can take Charkov and Marioepol they should be able to let some of their forces in the north and south link up. This would cut Ukraine in two pieces and Russia could then get a firm hold of a substantial chunk of the eastern half of Ukraine. This does not mean all resistance there would die down. There can still be many local fights and guerrilla style war fare in areas under Russian control. While most Ukrainians resoundingly reject this invasion there are serious rifts in Ukrainian society and this could lead to some sort of civil war, even after a Russian victory. Of course, as soon as the Russians will have broken the conventional Ukrainian resistance there will be purges. They will brutally pacify the country and will have no choice, because otherwise their hard won, bloody victory would become hollow. 
Some big questions: how much international weapons aid have the Ukrainians received? And how much more will come in? This will be impossible to determine, because a lot of it will be delivered unofficially. American planes can slip in at night and deliver whatever they please. Nobody will notice, at least not initially. 
The Americans probably can’t deliver any real game changing materiel without openly going to war against Russia. They can however put more lethal weapons in Ukrainian hands. This will help them hold out longer. 
Given that there are thousands of zealous Chechen fighters rumored to be in Ukraine one can also reasonably expect massacres. Perhaps not of civilians, but of captured or trapped Ukrainian fighters. The Russians will try to murder Zelensky. Something they have probably already tried. Zelensky has become the darling of the west. Logical, since the west’s favorite pass time is watching actors on screen in series and movies and Zelensky, a former actor, is now using his flair for the dramatic and the emotional to galvanize support for his cause. If he dies he will be embraced as a martyr who heroically fell in a just and desperate fight against a monstrous empire of Death. That’s what the media will make of it and the general public will love it better than the ending of Game of Thrones. 
There are some very lonely voices that are saying the easiest way to avoid children being hit by rockets would be for Zelensky to surrender instead of protracting a fight that is doomed anyway. This would mean Russian occupation and regime change, but at least the Ukrainian cities would not be reduced to ashes and far fewer people would die. The Ukrainian people would be relatively safe and could resist peacefully. This would still be terribly hard and many people would still suffer, but perhaps it was the slightly better option. Now Ukraine is bleeding and begging the world to spark World War III to come to its rescue. A rescue effort that could then lead to the use of nuclear weapons. 
As everyone will have noticed Ukraine has won the propaganda war and many people now believe that if Ukraine falls Putin will not stop there and will carve out a huge empire for himself. He could sweep through the Baltic countries for example to establish a corridor between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia, for example. Since most Kremlin watchers mistakingly thought Putin would never invade Ukraine everyone is now ready to beef up its military – even the guilt ridden Germans – and is certain Putin will want more than just Ukraine if he succeeds. 
In the days to come Russia will keep bombarding cities. There will be more civilian casualties. Even cut off cities will in many cases continue resisting. This could lead to house to house fighting. Easily one of the worst ways to fight a war. The Russians know this and will try to avoid it. 
It’s unlikely – although not entirely impossible – a coup against Putin will stop this. If a coup takes place it will almost certainly be initiated by the Russian army. The Russian army is not enthusiastic about this war either.
So, as the Americans said in Vietnam: 
It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.