Quickly, cause it’s midnight and am tired from working the whole day since the early morning and I just wanna watch some docu now.

1. I had the incredible privilege of working with very intelligent, gifted, communicative, vibrant, soulful, empathic and surprisingly insightful people this week. Today several women really surprised me with how accurately they can describe the world and the people in it. Mind blown. That’s probably what nurtures me most. It’s my biggest blessing (yes, along with my son, obviously. Last time I add that. If you read my blog just assume it)

2. Ok, no, one more thing about my son. Today he showed an uncanny drive to do tons of stuff independently. Some things worked and some didn’t. But man, the drive in this dude!!

3. I have finally managed to curb my appetite. With the help of one of my students who happens to be a fitness instructor I have been able to change my diet for the better. He sends me reminders every morning. Writing this I almost can’t believe my own luck.

4. Some really heavy burden(s) seems to have been lifted from my shoulders. May not be permanent, but the sense of relief is blissful at the moment.

5. This may seem like it’s not in the same league as the previous points and ok, it isn’t, but it still made it into the top 5. I had an almost religious experience rewatching a movie about general Custer, but dubbed in German. General Custer is tied to my earliest memories and am convinced that something about that whole story is of particular importance to me. As if it’s sucking me in to learn something profound. Beyond the obvious lessons it teaches.