Are the prepositions in these sentences used correctly or incorrectly? Here and there a preposition may be missing.

  1. I can’t call you right now. I am on a meeting.
  2. John is fixing something at the roof.
  3. I am behind the third vaccination.
  4. Melinda is playing in the garden.
  5. The plane flew over our house.
  6. You can hang that portrait right above that cross on the wall over there.
  7. That bicycle is leaning to the wall.
  8. Is this elevator going up or down?
  9. The tourists enjoy the view on top of the mountain.
  10. After the heavy rain of the past few weeks many streets are under water.
  11. Try to stay above ground. You’re too young to die.
  12. Why don’t you come over? By the time you arrive there will be food on the table.
  13. Could I ask you about a favor?
  14. I saw it in YouTube.
  15. In television they said Oswald did it, but they made that bullshit up.
  16. In communism they used to say: ‘If you’re not stealing at work you are stealing from your family.’
  17. There’s a ravine close to Kiev where the Germans finished off thousands and thousands of jews.
  18. Slovaks are all about rituals and appearances. Substance is not on the top of their priority list.
  19. Take a look on this painting of Picasso. I think you can guess why Hitler considered this to be ‘entartete Kunst’.
  20. Are you watching at the hockey match or are you studying?
  21. You have time to evaluate your colleagues by the end of the month.
  22. Czech tourists tend to get lost on the Tatra mountains.
  23. We will discuss about your targets today. You have to work harder, because our company is like a family.
  24. You will not be able to request for psychological support during the time you will be working for our company.
  25. You can’t expect to understand Dutch television behind ten lessons of Dutch.
  26. There is no hope with stunningly stupid people. The best way to deal about them is to treat them as if they are intelligent.
  27. Why do people keep voting power hungry narcissists?
  28. If something isn’t working in Slovakia just blame it to communism.
  29. Slovakia is a very safe country as long you don’t forget to take out your shoes when you visit someone in home.
  30. We can talk about your new blonde secretary over drinks.
  31. No matter how many times you explain it to them they will never get it. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it for drink.
  32. Any time a student enthusiastically proclaims he will definitely work his butt off you know that student will quit after about three or four lessons.
  33. Any time a student asks for a discount you know that student will turn out to be completely unreliable.
  34. Apart from slogans, platitudes, promises, word choice and explanations as to why something is not possible there is no essential difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.
  35. You can always count on Joe to accidentally say the truth.
  36. What have the Romans really done for us?
  37. Kamala is not the sharpest knife on the drawer.
  38. Nancy cannot walk through a wall, but she can bullshit her way out of a press conference.
  39. Unless you are to the manor born you are sure to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  40. What is inside this box is none of your concern, but if you agree to take the box to the address written to this paper you will receive 25,000 euro.