Haven’t written much about Covid, cause at first it was a super sensitive, divisive topic that bored the shit out of me and now it’s morphed into a mildly sensitive, mildly divisive topic. Kinda like the virus itself morphed. It still bores the shit out of me though.

By now you can probably scan my brain and find the exact area responsible for making me scroll away FAST whenever I spot the words covid or corona in the title of a newspaper article or video link. I don’t care about new measures, they change them every day in every country anyway, I don’t care about variants, partly because they keep getting harder to pronounce, I don’t care if schools are open or not, don’t care if I have to wear a mask or not, if I have to I will put one on and if not, suits me just fiiiiine. If I can’t travel to see my family back in Belgium without booster shots I will stoically roll up my sleeve as they shoot me full of whatever it is they put in there, cause I can’t be bothered to read a whole bunch of articles spitting out a whole bunch of conflicting things about the matter. Am not a microbiologist and never will be.

For someone who’s had so many suicidal impulses it would be too ironic to worry about dying from some vaccine. Where I would draw the line though is people pushing me to have my son vaccinated with stuff that clearly does not act as a vaccine as we used to know them and has clearly been rushed into production. Is Covid real? Yes, it’s real. Do people die of Covid? Yup. They also die in car crashes which bothers me a lot more. And people get cancer, which also bothers me a lot more. Are our healthcare systems breaking down? Well, as long as money keeps being pumped into bloated militaries all over the world I kinda feel like we are just dumb enough to let that happen and since I have ZERO power to do anything about I choose to sit back and to check, from time to time, if the planet is still there. And yes, it is, it’s alive and kicking and is dealing with its own virus: humanity. Maybe Covid and other shit like it is the planet’s way of vaccinating itself.

With the tiniest bit of frustration I notice how the media have almost no other topic left besides covid, but I haven’t been an avid mainstream news reader since 2005 or thereabouts, so my clicks go elsewhere anyway. I find it surprising that people keep clicking and commenting en masse on yet another Covid update, but these are the same people who keep surprising me by watching the Tour de France every year or insisting on baking on a beach in Turkey or some other parched place once or twice a year or listening to any mainstream music produced after 1994. There are people, lots of people, who like Marvel movies. Nothing should surprise me. All Covid did was make me feel even more abnormal and alienated, but you reach a certain level of freakishness and then it’s like there is you and the tiny space around you and the rest of the world, some distant realm you have some economic ties with in order to get food on the table, but that’s where it ends. I don’t have to actually die to be kinda dead already, but hey, am not being ooooverly dramatic, since am still alive enough to enjoy some things that are left to me. Covid itself hasn’t taken anything away from me other than the last vestiges of a bond I felt with the rest of the world. Good riddance.

If I get Covid I will deal with it then. I wash my hands A LOT, get enough sleep, eat ok and meet only people who I have forgiven beforehand if they end up infecting me with Covid.

I steer clear of all Covid debates, unless am being paid to listen to them, which happens quite frequently, because, you know, I can be bought.

My only two fears are that this situation could negatively impact my business or that my son gets infected. If the tsunami of vaccines can prevent that then by all means please line up now and apply for a membership card that gives you a free cheeseburger with your tenth shot and two cinema tickets with your 15th shot and a life long supply of self-testing kits and a little flashlight in the form of a panda that you can hang on your keys or some other completely random gadget with your 20th jab.

I have muted any politician who talks about the issue as every single one is only reacting in such a way as to boost his or her own political capital and I do not recognize the power of any politicians. Only scumbag narcissists can play the game that is politics. Good people do NOT go into politics given the way politics function today. Even Bernie turned out to be a coward and a phony, kinda better than the rest (not hard to accomplish), but ultimately just as addicted to his status and power as the whole lot of them. The guy’s biggest fear was becoming Ralph Nader. So basically his biggest fear was being a man who truly stood up for what he believed in. Look up Ralph Nader if you have never heard of him.

My only regret about Covid is not investing in the stock market while everything was on its ass, cause I knew stock prices would go back up for sure. A sad reminder of how I wish I was Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, but am not.

I have probably read too much about real catastrophes to take this thing very seriously.

It will take some time to blow over, and blow over it will, and in the mean time I consider myself to be sitting in my very own monastery, Zen like though filled with non-Covid related worries, meticulously ignoring any Covid hysterics/antics/hoopla.

My avenues of entertainment will inevitably get infected though, since very soon lots of movies and series will deal with viruses and other microscopic agents of destruction, but hey, maybe the fictional plot will be more exciting than the real life one and it won’t bore me as much as I think. A monastery does get kind of boring without riveting movies, documentaries and series.


I feel dirty having written about this infernal, ridiculously fertile topic.

Gonna go wash my hands.