Here is what I think happened. This is based on watching whatever I could find on the subject, reading several books, reading interviews with people who defend the official version and people who have different theories. Some of these different theories are absolutely ludicrous and I won’t even mention them. The official version is the best version that the people who want you to think Oswald did it could come up with. So of all the fake versions as to how it went down the official version is the best one. It’s highly suspicous and almost certainly fabricated, but some of the other theories are even sillier. One being that Oswald was indeed the shooter, but did not intend to kill Kennedy. Ow please…

What I think happened (and this is the quick version, cause this story has so many aspects, it’s just impossible to get into all of it):

Lee Harvey Oswald had some ties to the authorities. He was exactly what he claimed to be: A patsy.
He was the fall guy and he knew it. This also explains his actions after the president got shot.

I think Oswald was used in some sort of espionage game during his time in the Soviet Union. He defects to the Soviet Union, tells everyone how he is going to give big secrets about a new US spy plane to the Soviets and yet years later he is simply allowed back into the US without running into any trouble. What an odd treatment of someone who betrayed his country. I believe the Soviets knew he was a fake defector and made sure he could do little damage in the Soviet Union. They spied on him and traced his steps and Oswald didn’t do much in the Soviet Union. In fact, he got very bored. Back in the US he was also involved in some sort of espionage work, but nothing major. One of his tasks seems to have been to publicly portray himself as marxist.

On the 22nd of November several hit teams were assembled. The president’s security was pulled at the last moment. There were no agents on top of the car of the president. It was an open car. He made a juicy target. This was done deliberately. Also the police officers on their motorcycles are driving in a way that offer him no protection whatsoever. In terms of security this is just a bodged job from the get go.

The hitmen shooting at the president are thugs, mercenaries, hired guns. Even if caught nobody can link them to the authorities and of course the plotters will not allow them to get caught. One of the men is Frank Sturgis who confessed to the killing, by the way. Also his girlfriend at the time maintains he told her he was involved.

Several shooters shoot at Kennedy from all over the place. He gets hit from behind, in the back. Another passenger, governor Connaly gets hit several times with separate bullets. You can clearly see this in the Zapruder film. These two men do not get hit at the same time by the same bullet. There is no magic bullet. There are just a lot of regular bullets. The car has to be refurbished immediately after the shooting because the damage to the car would have shown evidence pointing to shots from the front.

The shooters fail to hit Kennedy in the head, so he still has a fighting chance to make it out alive. The driver then slows down almost to a halt and a guy hiding in a storm drain to the side of the car shoots him in the head. From the front.

Oswald does not fire a gun. He may or may not know Kennedy was going to be shot. According to his lover at the time he knew about it and was supposed to be one of the shooters, but decided to not shoot. So at least one person less would be firing at the president. I don’t know about this. He either knew or didn’t know, but I don’t think he fired a shot at the president.

When the president is shot he realizes something is up and that he may be in danger. He goes home to get a hand gun.

Oswald has handlers and I believe he went to a movie theater to get instructions. I suppose he was tricked into going there. In the mean time somebody shoots officer Tippit. This is very important. We’ll see why later.

It’s very odd that someone at the movie theatre calls the police and that a huge gang of police officers immediately show up. Why? Cause the guy who made the phone call only reported a guy slipping into the theatre without paying for a ticket. The president has just been shot, but somehow all police officers know that a guy slipping into the theatre without paying a ticket is their man.

I am convinced Oswald was supposed to have died at the theatre. He knew this too, so he kept yelling: ‘I am not resisting arrest.’

Oswald emphatically denies the charges. If this is someone proud of having killed the president then his reactions are rather bizarre. He is branded a lone nut, a communist, who hated the president. People close to Oswald say he didn’t hate the president. Defenders of the official version will tell you he did it anyway to be in the centre of attention. His own brother said he was just toying with the police and had fun knowing something that they didn’t know. Note that these two brothers were not close at all and that many witnesses had been badgered to come up with something that would fit the official narrative. I personally don’t take the words of his brother all that seriously. The Oswalds were not exactly a tight knit family. I have no reason to believe his brother actually knew much about Lee. If Oswald did shoot the president he must have been once of the most sincere sounding liars ever to have lived. If you watch his interviews he is completely calm and down to earth. He’s a man who knows he is in trouble, but has confidence that if he can just make his case his innonence will be obvious to all. He will not get that chance of course.

Oswald is interrogated for 12 hours (!!), but no records are kept. The interrogation room was too small for that…

There are no finger prints on the weapon that Oswald is said to have used. This weapon also changes over time. When it’s first found it’s described differently. Official version: the police made a mistake. Yeah, Texan police officers who can’t distinguish between gun types. We are to believe that.

What then happens is sick, insane, macabre.

A mortician is called up. A very gifted one called John Ligget. He is paid to make the corpse of Tippit look like the body of the president. This is done in the air while the body of JFK is being flown to Washington. Because Kennedy has been shot from the front they need a body that looks like it’s been shot from the back. So they can pin it on Oswald. Problem:

Ligget has two bodies and neither has been shot from the back. The mortician throws out Kennedy’s entire brain. Better no brain than a brain that clearly looks like it’s been shot from the front.

Very odd: officially they do have Kennedy’s brain. They weigh it and it comes out weighing a little bit more than the average brain. His brain has just been splattered all over the back of the car, but somehow it still weighs more than an average sized brain.

Medical staff later claim that they were forced to come up with reports stating that he was shot from the back, although it’s clear to them he was shot from the front. Defenders of the official version: surgeons are not good at determining where a shot was fired from. Hmm, in this case it’s actually not that hard. Shot from the front: small entrance wound, large exit wound. Exactly what we can see happening in the Zapruder film. This is also why Jackie Kennedy jumps out of the car and grabs pieces of his brain. His brain has flown out of the back of his head and in her despair she wants to save what’s left of it. She actually hands these pieces to the medical staff later. Useless of course, but this is a desperate woman clinging to even the faintest hope that something might be done to save her husband.

She later also says that the body that is presented to her in Washington for the funeral doesn’t look anything like her former husband. She says it looks like something you might find at Madame Tussaud’s. That’s Ligget’s work.

Ligget comes home. Is obviously disheveled, exhausted and panicking. He puts the whole family in the car and they start driving. He needed to go away until the whole thing would blow over. His words according to his wife. In a motel he sees Oswald being shot on television. He calms down and the family return home. He says everything is going to be ok now.

Frank Sturgis later mentioned on camera that there was a body switch.

The story of Ligget does not end there. According to his wife – who divorced him – he came into money and later may have faked his own death. It’s also know he tried to kill someone later. If you read all the details about this figure it’s all very lurid and macabre.

Oswald gets shot on live television. How convenient. Jack Ruby, the man who shoots him, says he wanted to spare Jackie the ordeal of seeing Oswald’s case go to trial. Quite an odd reason. Jack later claims he knows a lot more. He dies very quickly of a very agressive form of cancer. We know the US was experimenting with agressive forms of cancer to take out leaders of other countries, such as Fidel Castro.

Oswald was set up. The motive: taking out a president who was serious about peace. He did not want to go into Vietnam and he did not want to spend more and more US dollars on weapons.

Immediately after Kennedy’s death the US does escalate the Vietnam War. The US budget has been growning to absurd proportions ever since. Even now, with no clear enemy even remotely strong enough to take on the US its budget just keeps getting fatter. Money that could be used to better the lives of millions of Americans in so many different ways. The second biggest spender, China, spends about one tenth of what the US is spending. At the same time the most advanced army the world has ever seen can’t seem to win any war and keeps losing against guerilla bands. This may look absurd, this may seem like guerrila bands simply cannot be defeated if they are motivated enough, but according to me these wars are intended to be forever wars. Wars that drag on for years and years, never stop, and require gigantic amounts of supplies, munition, arms, etc. It’s the perfect scheme to move tax payer dollars into the pockets of the financial elite. Who do you think owns the companies that supply all that war material? And who do you think decides which politicians get enough financial support and media backing to win elections? If you are not on board with expanding the US military budget, as a US politician, you sign up for your retirement or marginalization.

This is why I think studying the JFK assassination is so important. This was not the work of a lone nut who wanted to be notorious or in the centre of attention. This was a coup d’état. A small club of wealthy businessmen and corrupt politicians teamed up with the maffia and some anti-Castro Cubans to take out a president who was doing all in his power to create a more peaceful world. A peaceful world is extremely bad for the business interests of the US elite. The US always needs threats, it always needs reasons to arm itself. And if it can’t find any it will create some. A good war from the perspective of anyone who has a stake in the military industry is a war that drags on indefinitely. The media will never tell you who profits from these wars. They will serve you some moral outrage here and there when an innocent family gets wiped out via a drone strike, but it will never question the whole mechanism behind it. At best the media will pretend that the US makes mistakes, but that in the end its intentions are good. They kill people by accident all the time, but they do it to spread democracy. The bomb to create a safer world. The only reason these wars are fought is because of money. If there was no money to be made there would be no wars. Entities like the Taliban may have religious, non-monetary reasons to fight wars, but the US elite clamors for war in order to make money. There is no direct threat to the US at all. The Vietcong was as likely to invade the US as the Taliban. ISIS seems more intent on killing other moslims than on attacking the US or Israel. It’s one big scam and the point is to keep the elite on top.

A good start to get an idea of what happened is the documentary ‘Everything is a rich man’s trick’. It is not perfect and makes lots of claims, but the part that discusses the JFK assassination is the best part and the most plausible breakdown of what happened on the 22nd of November 1963 I have ever seen.

Also good is the latest documentary by Oliver Stone, JFK through the looking glass. It does not mention the storm drain as the place from where the fatal shot was fired nor does it mention the work of Ligget, but it does a good job of debunking the magic bullet theory and shows you that the fatal head shot was fired from the front. It gets quite technical as it shows how the chain of custody was broken in the case of the magic bullet, a clear indication that the authorities lied about this. It also discusses the strange story of what happened to Kennedy’s brain. It fails to come up with the full story though. I personally have no idea how Everything is a rich man’s trick got to be so detailed. It even names the person who shot Kennedy from the storm drain. I have not mentioned these names as am not sure these are their true names. Everything is a rich man’s trick comes up with the most plausible version, but when it starts naming names I have no idea where these names come from. It also claims vice-president Johnson was involved. I don’t know about that. According to Oliver Stone he was only involved in the cover up later on. Also very good is the series ‘The men who killed Kennedy’. ‘Everything is a rich man’s trick’ borrowed a lot from that series.

Bottom line: several shooters shot at Kennedy. Oswald did not fire a shot. I think a fairly small number of people organized the whole thing and I believe that lots of people involved in pinning it all on Oswald also had no idea of what had really happened. I think some people wanted to pin it on Oswald to prevent chaos. If it was just a lone nut, then the US had nothing to worry about it. What am trying to say is that some officials who worked to blame Oswald for all of it had good intentions. I disagree that they did the world a service, but they thought they were doing the right thing. The guilty parties knew what they were doing of course. I personally believe Allen Dulles had a lot to do with. He was the head of the CIA until Kennedy fired him. Later he becomes the president of the Warren commision, the official investigation into the assassination…


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