At the start of 2021 I set out to read no less than 100 books. It’s something I won’t be repeating any time soon. Below you can see the list with all the books I read. Am still processing what effect this had on my life. I am in search of a better goal for 2022, because I can tell you right now: reading 100 books in one year is not the best goal you can set for yourself. More thoughts on this project later.

1) 20 lessons for the 21st century, Timothy Snyder

2) They killed our president, Jesse Ventura, Dick Russell

3) Warum schweigen die Lämmer, Rainer Mausfeld

4) American rule, how a nation conquered the world, but failed its people, Jared Yates Sexton

5) The American Civil War, Gary Gallagher

6) A campaign of giants, the battle of Petersburg, A. Wilson Greene

7) Was ich mit 20 Jahren gerne über Geld, Motivation, Erfolg gewusst hätte, Mario Lochner

8) Das Robbins Power Prinzip: Befreie die innere Kraft, Tony Robbins

9) Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink

10) The gift, Edith Eger

11) Die kürzeste Geschichte Deutschlands, James Hawes

13) The ten pillars of wealth, Alex Becker

14) Im Frühling sterben, Ralf Rothmann

15) The choice, Edith Eger

16) Der Welt nicht mehr verbunden, Johann Hari

17) Nice work if you can get it, Dean Saunders

18) A life in parts, Bryan Cranston

19) Miss Ex-Yugoslavia, Sofija Stefanovic

20) Er ist wieder da, Timur Vermes

21) Work won’t love you back, how devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited, exhausted and alone, Sarah Jaffe

22) The science of becoming rich, Wallace D. Wattles

23) News of the world, Paulette Jiles

24) Dixie victorious, an alternate history of the Civil War

25) Braxton Bragg, the most hated man in the Confederacy Earl Hess

26) General James Longstreet, the Confederacy’s most controversial soldier, Jeffry D. Wert

27) Conquered, why the army of Tennessee failed, Larry J, Daniel

28) Parting words, Benjamin Ferenc

29) The Confederacy’s last hurrah, Spring Hill, Franklin, Nashville, Wiley Sword

30) Armies of deliverance, a new history of the civil war, Elizabeth Varon

31) The lonely century, Noreena Hertz

32) Bright lights, big city, Jay Mcinerney

33) Die scheinheilige Supermacht, Michael Lüders

34) JFK, Staatsstreich in Amerika, Mathias Bröckers

35) The story telling animal, how stories make us human, Jonathan Gottschall

36) Ein starker Abgang, Jay Mcinerney

37) Bullshit jobs, David Graeber

38) Liebe, Lust & Trauma: Auf dem Weg zur gesunden sexuellen Identität, Franz Ruppert

39) The Decadent Society: How We Became a Victim of Our Own Success, Ross Douthat

40) Wer bin ich in einer traumatisierten Gesellschaft?, Franz Ruppert

41) The phantom prince, my life with Ted Bundy, Elizabeth Kendall

42) Tigermilch, Stefanie de Velasco

43) The stranger beside me, Ann Rule

44) Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets, Jim Rogers

45) Ein verdammt starker Abgang, Enrico Brizzi

46) Das sterbende Tier, Philip Roth

47) The Help, Kathryn Stockett

48) Sie nannten es Arbeit, James Suzman

49) Happier, Tal Ben-Shafaar

50) The devil’s advocate, Andrew Neiderman

51) The psychology of money, Morgan Housel

52) Permanent record, Edward Snowden

53) Listen Liberal, or whatever happened to the party of the people, Thomas Frank

54) Die Selbstgerechten, Sahra Wagenknecht

55) Bis das Auge bricht, Andreas Hartinger

56) It didn’t start with you, Mark Wolyn

57) Mindset für Autoren, Joanna Penn

58) Giants, Peter Phillips

59) Eine kurze Geschichte der Menscheit, Yuval Harari

60) Men explain things to me, Rebecca Solnit

61) Come as you are, Michael Azerrad

62) The things they carried, Tim O’Brien

63) The road less travelled, Scott Peck

64) A true history of the United States, Daniel Sjursen

65) Ted Bundy, Stephen G. Michaud

66) Ulomky zeny

67) Money, from Bronze to Bitcoin, the true story of a made-up thing, Jacob Goldstein

68) Barbarossa, how Hitler lost the war, Jonathan Dimbleby

69) The industries of the future, Alec Ross

70) The motivation myth, Jeff Haden

71) Burn the fat, feed the muscle, Tom Venuto

72) Atomic habits, James Clear

73) How to be a modern samurai, Antony Cummins

74) Make time, Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky

75) A million miles in a thousand years, what I learned while editing my life, Donald Miller

76) Houd afstand, raak me aan, Paul Verhaeghe

77) Kneller’s Happy Campers, Etgar Kerret

78) Wat brengt u hier?, In gesprek met Paul Verhaeghe

79) Vielleicht solltest du mal mit jemandem darüber reden, Lori Gottlieb

80) Amerika verstehen, Ronald D. Gerste

81) Was auf dem Spiel steht, Phillip Blom

82) Do the work, Steven Pressfield

83) Die Welle, Morton Rhue

84) Shut up and listen!, Tilman Fertitta

85) The tyranny of merit, Michael Sandel

86) Creativity, a short and cheerful guide, John Cleese

87) Show your work, Austin Kleon

88) Ausgeträumt, Amerika?, Unterwegs in einem gespaltenen Land, Jan Philipp Burgard

89) Verteilungskampf, warum Deutschland immer ungleicher wird, Marcel Fratzscher

90) Rich people things, Chris Lehmann

91) The devil’s defender: My Odyssey through the American Criminal justice system, from Ted Bundy to the Kandahar Massacre, John Henry Browne

92) The education of corporal John Musgrave, Vietnam and its aftermath, John Musgrave

93) Searching for black Confederates, the civil war’s most persistent myth, Kevin M. Levin

94) The coming of neo-feudalism, Joel Kotkin

95) The history of money, Jack Weatherford

96) America’s war for the greater Middle East, a military history, Andrew J. Bacevich

97) The spoils of war, Andrew Cockburn

98) Lincoln’s lieutenants, the high command of the army of the Potomac, Stephen W. Sears

99) The war of art, Steven Pressfield

100) Nobody wants to read your shit, Steven Pressfield


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