It’s so boring you hope the comet strikes in the first 15 minutes to cut the damn movie short. Story goes nowhere. Too many moments where you go: ‘This is where the script said: we need something funny here’. Several actors waste their enormous talent. Jonah Hill most of all. If the actor with the funniest narcissistic, self-absorbed body language can’t save your movie then you’re in apocalyptic trouble. And the most annoying bit: newspapers will bombard you with messages about how relevant this bland satire is since it seems to portray humanity’s reaction to climate change…. So if you are in any way ‘hip’ and ‘on the right side of history’ you just have to like it. Instead of just treating it like what it is: A movie trying hard to be satirical, having some ok, but old messages -people prefer celebrity news over serious content, no shit – , but failing to entertain and completely wasting the potential of its cast. Groan.