RT reports:

‘Joe Biden has achieved at least one groundbreaking result – though likely not the sort that he had in mind – as polling indicates that he has lost the most ground in voter approval of any new US president in more than 75 years.

With only 42% of voters approving of Biden’s job performance in October, his average rating in the third quarter of his presidency was 44.7%, down from 56% during his first three months in the White House, a new Gallup poll showed. His rating decline of 11.3 percentage points from the honeymoon period to the nine-month mark is the biggest drop since fellow Democrat Harry Truman was trying to fill the shoes of his deceased predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt, in 1945.

No other president since then has come close to Biden’s historic collapse in the eyes of voters.’

When I said Joe Biden was going to be a shitty president almost nobody wanted to believe me. And don’t give me that crap about how his hands are tied because of the Republicans. BULLSHIT. This guy represents the status quo through and through. He’s a right-wing ASSHOLE. Trump was just more obvious about it, but they are pretty much the same narcissistic parasites.