This week was not an especially memorable week. I won’t include being grateful for my son, because that’s a given and this section would just get repetitive.

Let me see…

1. Am grateful for how easy it is to access interesting information. Although my life is unexciting I can fill my head with interesting info. I love YouTube and I love Audible. Both apps always have some brain stimulation to offer. At least there is that.

2. My self-discipline has increased a bit. Am not saying it’s a permanent change, but it’s something I work on every day. It’s nowhere near the level it once was, but it’s never been higher the last 2,5 years

3. Although a lot of what I do is a bit of a drag, some of the people I worked with were fun. Some got a lot better at the things am teaching them and that’s one of the small joys in my life.

4. My wife is friendly to me even though my depressions are a quagmire she sometimes gets sucked into as well. She’s my opposite, so her ever cheerful mood quickly recovers.

5. I remember being happy. I have those memories. Lots of folks don’t even have that.

I selected this image for this post, because A. am too lazy to look for something else B. It does in a way represent me. Those who are very familiar with the movie will feel it.