The dream:

Am either in highschool or at university. My final exams are coming up and am entirely unprepared. I feel extremely uncomfortable. My mind is one huge mushroom cloud with worries swirling around in it. Am also puzzled, because while am clearly back there in the trenches, I mean, behind the benches, I also vividly remember having already graduated. Am torn between utter panic and enervating confusion…

When my panic reaches its peak I wake up. My heart rate signals near collapse. It’s as if long needles have penetrated me from the top of my skull to the soles of my feet.

I hate this dream.

I had it again last night.

There was a modification.

For the first time ever I tell myself, in the dream: FUCK THIS SHIT,




so I won’t graduate… Well, whatever, I DON’T CARE!!

This must mean something…


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