The usual pitfall: nobody bothered to create characters you feel an emotional connection with. You don’t care about the characters. So who cares what happens in the movie? And the war scenes may be quite spectacular here and there, but they will not affect you…

A war movie without characters you feel for is just a string of violent scenes. With shot off legs flying around previously attached to talking dolls in uniform.

It doesn’t present enough information to be a documentary and it doesn’t tell enough of a story to be great drama.

The only scenes that gave me goosebumps were those where you see the determination of the Germans to slug it out in their desperate situation. Am talking about twenty seconds. The torture scenes were a good reminder of Nazi brutality. Ten seconds. There was one dialogue I liked. Two minutes?

If one of the characters wasn’t named William I swear I wouldn’t remember a single character’s name.

The battle scenes were not that interesting either.

An easily forgotten movie.


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