When I think about my work 20 percent of my thoughts or even less are about the stuff I actually want to teach. What’s exhausting is the little things.

What’s exhausting, is packing my bag. Yeah, really… I try my best to make lessons as entertaining as possible and this means I need a ton of things. Today am not even carrying that much with me. See picture.

What’s exhausting is

– all the administration involved, too inane to mention in detail

– the constant flexibility that’s required. For example, when students are missing this has a big impact on a group lesson. And when you have group lessons someone is always missing

– dealing with obnoxious people, even mildly obnoxious people can exact their toll after a while. These can be students, but also HR people for example

– running around town checking the time table of the bus to make sure I get to my next appointment on time. I spend quite a bit of time in sticky, overcrowded busses and trams… I read, blog, answer work related emails whilst rushing from here to there, but it’s more exhausting than the actual teaching.

– having to set up shop in four to even five different locations in one day. This is taking its toll on my laptop for example

I love my job and I feel lots of warmth for most of the people I work with, it’s just sometimes a tsunami of little things I have to think about from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep and there is not much room for anything else in my life.


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