– our heated bathroom

I grew up in houses without a bathroom. I had to wash in a plastic tub in the living room in front of the stove or at the sink. We didn’t have a bathroom until I was 11 or 12. Am grateful my son lives in an apartment with a heated bathroom. Maybe my never fading worries about money stem from there. I don’t want my son to inherit these fears.

– my beautiful student hasn’t sued me

I have made it clear I find her exceptionally attractive and she didn’t sue me. Instead she shared some very personal details about her life

– there were some funny moments here and there

Some of my students made me laugh

– I had a dream about a dear friend who passed away in 2007 at the age of 23

It was a nice surprise. For a few minutes it felt like he had never left. I have the honor of having had him as a friend for 11 years of his all too short life.

– Quite a few people turned to me for advice on quite intimate things

I guess I’ve done something right in my life if so many people think my advice counts for something

– Most important of all.

The cardiologist said my son’s heart is perfectly fine.