I thought reading more would make me a better writer. Guess again.

I have written a lot less in 2021 than in 2020 or 2019.

The effect on my writing? Bubkes.

I am stubborn in the silliest of ways so yes, I will read 100 books in 2021, but I also have a resolution for 2022 ready: read only 12 books!!!

But 12 books that touch me, cause I have read a lot of books that in the end did remarkably little for me. As soon as I reach the 100th book end station I will publish the full list.

2022 needs a more productive goal than reading 100 books.

I don’t even know how to evaluate the effect of reading so many books. Most of them were non-fiction. I find it hard to concentrate on novels. They rarely grab my attention.

I work a lot, but I still have time to read so many books. So my conclusion is also that people who claim to have no time are really just bullshitting themselves.

Am also a bit worried. Maybe I am extremely bad at picking books that will really speak to me. Or maybe those are in short supply.

Or maybe am only a reader because am too shy to go to orgies.