The root cause is that you don’t actually love women as women, as human beings, you like them for their package and their sexual applications.

If you are very rich or display extremely self-confident behavior and look handsome and – perhaps the most important factor- come across as being extremely masculine you may get away with this and get to have sex with women who have a similar approach, women who like men for their benefits, but who do not actually love men.

There is seduction – which comes from a genuine interest in the person you are trying to seduce – and there is predatory behavior, which is manipulative, with only a minimum of interest or dedication, just enough to end the hunt successfully.

So my suggestion is that you figure out what exactly you LOVE about women, apart from their looks. To know what you need in a woman you will first need to know yourself a lot better.

When you go and talk to a woman it should come from of a place of love and not from a place of need (basically wanting to use them for a goal you have in mind). If you perfect certain techniques – some guys are naturals, especially certain Latino countries – you can get a woman into bed, but this will still not lead to a great relationship.

Plus, when one is not a natural it requires constant training, psychologizing, analysis, dealing with rejection, and running around like a ravenous lion in the jungle, always on edge. This can easily lead to addiction and a competitive numbers game. How many have I bedded so far? When can I add the next one? Not a nice place to be.

Anything you do purely to get women is probably not going to work. You attract the best women into your life when you focus on something else, when you focus on becoming a version of yourself you are really happy about, hang out with people you love, get actively involved in causes and projects you care about.

Once you meet a woman you are very attracted to it’s good to show persistence. And to make a grand gesture to clearly show you want her specifically. So she knows she is not just some random sexy lady whose bones you just want to jump. When you are really attracted to her you will want to make that grand gesture and you will want to be persistent. It’s also much more likely she will be attracted back, because women almost always react very well to a guy (or woman) who genuinely attracted to her.

So to sum it up:

– start LIKING women. Talk to many women without trying to get into their pants. Let your goal be to become a happy explorer of the feminine psyche. Don’t take being friend zoned as a problem. See it as an invitation to be in the world of women, which no matter what is trending these days IS a very different world than the world of men.

– work on yourself, have fun, focus on personal progress, be unapologetically masculine – don’t be afraid to piss women off occasionally, they are real people, they can handle it – and when a woman comes along that causes more than a tingle in your pecker make a very determined effort to make her your girlfriend by making your attraction to her abundantly and self-confidently clear.