If Hitler ran using a false name and altered his appearance a bit, Hitler would be smart enough to say those things that make Democrats spontaneously orgasm, so definitely Hitler. He would just have to pass himself off as someone else. Of course Democrats are not going to vote for Hitler, but only because of the name and the reputation. Hitler would totally figure out what to say and how to act to get votes from both Democrats and Republicans.

Hitler being Hitler would of course never want to associate with these parties and he would start his own party. He would blow both of them out of the water and score a landslide victory. Again, pretending to be some new guy of course, but using his specific talents.

To win over Democrats he would make all the usual promises, symbolic gestures, pander a bit, etc

Republicans he would have in his pocket by his forcefulness.

Hitler would be a unifying force in the US.

Some of his policies would be way to the left of Joe Biden.

He would of course just continue with the mass murder of jews and others, but he would be able to hide that until both the stupendously naive Republicans and Democrats would vote him in. And now he has nuclear weapons…

The resistance would be left to a very tiny group of progressives who even today see through the duopoly. The Republicans and Democrats are just there to give you the illusion of choice. The super rich win either way. Do you want to live in neo-feudal hell with gay marriage or without? Do you want to be screwed over by your government with or without abortions?

Hitler’s rise to power would be easier in the US anno 2021 than it was in the twenties and thirties in Germany, since many Germans actually understood what was going on, but couldn’t stop it in the end.

And Trump would not stand a chance against Hitler. Trump is a narcissist, a sociopath and basically a kindergarten bully who only had a chance because so many Americans love to bully as a way to compensate for how downtrodden they actually are.

Hitler was a political genius who managed to make one of the most developed nations in the world entirely dependent on him. Trump is a bungling amateur compared to that.

In the picture you can see Hitler pretending to be Joe Biden.