Cartoons in Belgian newspapers tend to be lamer than the penis of a 90 year old after prostrate surgery, but here’s one I think is not only funny, but spot on. Am positively shocked.

The dude in the toga says the following to the crushed little David:

‘You have some nerve attacking that poor giant’

Message: It’s time to stop criticizing the Palestinians for desperately trying to defend themselves against Israeli oppression and every day terrorism (thousands of small, but terrible acts that don’t make the news headlines).

Thanks to the American tax payers Israel has one of the most sophisticated armies on this planet.

This conflict doesn’t even qualify as a war. The Palestinians send over rockets like a toddler biting the finger of the pedophile that is trying to rape the child. And people go and point the finger at the child. What an aggressive, insolent child!!

To my great surprise even the mainstream media are covering what’s happening right now with a lot less bias, though they still don’t explain how desperate Palestinians are and how extreme some Israelis are in their racism and willingness to commit genocide.

I started reading a book on Palestine yesterday and I had to stop.

Too many stories about little girls getting decapitated by bombs and some Israelis still claiming that those girls brought it on themselves…

I’ll post the cover of the book in the next blog post.