Brian Rose’s campaign was the most bombastic, most boastful and most delusional campaign I have ever seen unfold.

Brian Rose showed an utter lack of understanding for British culture. He did a number of things that Europeans are simply allergic too.

He came across as a self-obsessed wanker. With his battle bus. His foppish over the top tuxedos. His London Real Army. His faux emotional stories about how he used to be a heroine addict. His disingenuous back story – millionaire banker sees the light and wants to serve humanity. He can bring his vast business experience to the world of politics filled with parasites and corrupt self-serving liars.

The trouble being… that Brian Rose is exactly what he calls other politicians.

He lied about getting arrested for campaigning in the streets of London.

He is not transparent about how he funded his campaign.

He routinely made delusional claims. He often claimed his polls showed he had a 98 percent chance of winning the election.

He criticizes the Mayor for running away from his constituents and dodging hard questions, but he himself storms out of an interview when TEENAGERS ask him some pertinent questions. Such as: did he use the money he got for building a freedom platform to fund his campaign? Why does he say he stands for free speech when even the vaguest critical comments on his YouTube channel systematically get suppressed?

Brian Rose DOES NOT walk the talk.

He has ruined his YouTube channel. By giving a voice to the craziest conspiracy theorists and AGREEING with them (in one of his David Icke interview he says that everything David Icke has been saying for years has become reality…) he lost his revenue from ads. His viewership has plummeted.

Because of his political campaign the co-founder of London Real has finally come forward to talk about what it was like to work with Brian. Even though Gabriel tried hard to be fair, his picture of Rose was still a scathing one. This wouldn’t have happened if Rose had stuck to doing interviews.

Even the teenagers who interviewed him figured out that Brian’s story doesn’t add up. He sells expensive business courses, but his own company doesn’t turn a profit. Before he started presenting himself as the guy who can teach you how to make big bucks online he himself was making no money. He has said this himself in an interview with another shady individual, Jordan Belfort (the wolf of Wall Street).

Brian predictably failed to win the election. Yet on his YouTube channel you can find a video where he claims he’s won. He then says he is going to go on to bigger things. What will that be? Is he going to try and become the Prime Minister now?

Can you go from dismal failure to dismal failure and keep raising the stakes?

Does Brian realize how he has ruined his brand and his reputation and made a complete ass of himself?

The kids who interviewed him had less than 150 subscribers on YouTube before he went on their show. His ridiculous and hypocritical reaction to their thoroughly prepared barrage of questions has practically knighted these youngsters as serious full-fledged journalists. Many people are saying they did a better job than the establishment journalists who also interviewed him. This just shows how lazy mainstream journalists are. The YouTube channel run by these youngsters already had over 6,000 subscribers last time I checked. Thank you, Brian, for bringing these talented young journalists to our attention. That’s perhaps the only good thing to come out of your self-aggrandizing political bid. That and the fact that people have seen your true face. Somebody who claims to stand for morally exalted things, but in reality is the exact opposite.

His show is called London Real, but there is very little realness left. It’s become all about fishy get rich quick schemes and Brian’s ego. His show now comes off as a cult.

Brian is not going to do any serious self-reflection now. He will find a bigger project. One he will require donations for.