I care way, way more about licking pussy exactly right than about the global wealth gap.

When I was young every day smelled like opportunity.

When I was young nobody nagged.

When I was young global warming wasn’t a thing and how to penetrate a girl long enough for her to come was the source of many a heated debate.

When I was young I felt immortal.

When I was young I lived in a bubble where every global problem seemed to have been solved. I mean, seriously, Obama was about to become the president of the president of the US and we had so little information we actually thought he was a crusader against the evil empire.

When I was young we thought having lots of sex was the ultimate way of telling the world to relax and do good things.

When I was young sunshine reminded me of good things and not of sad things.

When I was young I lived to share. Now I live in order to give my son the life I once had.

But longer, way longer.