He blocks you.

Check out his YouTube videos. Nothing but positive comments. Negative comments get deleted immediately.

I hope he is paying someone to do that for him, because suppressing all criticism feedback 24/7 must be a full time job.

Sometimes a critical comment slips through the net, but I have noticed Brian leaves a negative comment up if someone defended him in a reply to that critical comment right away.

I do not understand the game plan here. If he wants to win the London Mayoral election it’s better to leave all critical comments up. It would create more debate and therefore more attention for him.

He must be a terrible marketeer if he doesn’t understand that.

So perhaps he doesn’t want to win?

I suppose his political campaign is just a way to promote his criminally overpriced ‘courses’ such as his Business Accelerator.
3,000 euro to be pushed to sell a crappy idea to your own family members. Really, that’s what
you’ll learn there.

His team will teach you to come up with the same strategy Brian applies. Make up a terrible course really quickly. Talk about it online. Let ‘fans’ pay for it.
That’s the business model and that is the only business model Brian knows.