I have become extremely sensitive concerning violence inflicted upon children so at some point I just couldn’t stomach it anymore and had to click the docu away. I did return to it later.

This docu is responsible for adding a few more scars to my already badly mauled soul, but I thank the creators. These are stories that HAVE TO be told. I felt morally obliged to listen to these testimonies so I continued watching.

A lot of it involves wiping out entire families, men, women and children.

I felt nothing when American soldiers got killed. They shouldn’t have been there. If you buy into one of the most toxic cultures this world has ever seen then you have it coming.

The war in Iraq was one of the most stupid decisions ever made.

That it started on my birthday ensures I will never forget the day the US started this criminally counter-productive crusade.

Oh and Saddam Husein disgusts me, but Bush disgusts me more.

Worth mentioning: some of the people interviewed are really funny!!


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