A lockdown? It’s like politicians across the globe have decided:


And read I do.

I enjoyed this one very much.

Although it’s a comedy Hitler sounds very authentic. The author clearly did his homework.

Hitler wakes up in Berlin more than half a century after his suicide and he immediately looks for a new way to become the uncontested ruler of Germany.

Some of the jokes work a lot better if you know a lot about Hitler, but even so it’s a funny book.

Well, it’s funny until you realize how very, very little we need to slide back into applauding totalitarianism.

So far we haven’t seen anyone capable or even willing to pull it off.

But the people is all too easily swayed. It’s just that the right guy for the job hasn’t come along yet.

The book also plays with German dialects and accents, so if you are learning German you are in for a treat.