I don’t know if you have noticed, but the media is being SUPREMELY positive about Joe Biden. The entire western world is now lying at the feet of Kamala and Joe. It’s sickening. It’s dangerous. It exposes the media for what they really are.

You will continue to be uninformed and sometimes misinformed by anything that can be considered mainstream media. You will read about Kamala’s outfits, her musical taste, the movies she watches, her charming personal anecdotes, how she met her jewish husband, etc. All this AD NAUSEAM.

The mainstream media is spineless, self-castrating and uncriticial. They roll over for whomever their corporate sponsors and owners say matters. And apparently Biden and Harris matter. If you’re rich and want things to go back to ‘normal’. Normal being what I would call ‘vulture culture’. The sharks get rich and the rest get squished.

Any European country except those allied with Russia will kiss Biden and Harris ass for a dreadfully boring four years.

This is great news for those who think political news should be like reading Vogue.

It’s bad news for those who want to see some ‘radical’ change, like slashing the bloated US military budget or getting people universal healthcare or not interfering in foreign countries or standing up to the apartheid regime in Israel….

Things are going to go on just as before. With more articles about some Kamala Harris’s pretend interest in hip hop music and anything else she thinks makes her look cool…

It’s the flashy face of empire brought to you by the superficial and slavish corporate media.

Over at Jacobin Magazine they do seem to have a pair of balls left. They made fun of this disgusting and alarming trend by portraying Biden as God.

It’s satire.

Over at the corporate media it’s all too real….