1. Who is Gilberto Baschiera? A. The Italian Robin Hood B. The last person executed in Italy C. An Italian who sued the state of Italy claiming it was the fault of Italy’s government he was homeless
  2. Is there a McDonalds in the capital of Albania, Tirana?
  3. True or false: In 2009, Stephen Hawking held a reception for time travelers, but didn’t publicize it until after. This way, only those who could time travel would be able to attend. Nobody else attended.
  4. True or false: Costa Coffee employs Gennaro Pelliccia as a coffee taster, who has had his tongue insured for £10 million since 2009.
  5. True or false: People who post their fitness routine to Facebook are more likely to have psychological problems.
  6. True or false: In World War II, Germany tried to collapse the British economy by dropping millions of counterfeit bills over London.
  7. True or false: The color red makes bulls angry.
  8. True or false: In 2007, Scotland spent £125,000 devising a new national slogan. The winning entry was: “Welcome to Scotland”.
  9. True or false: When mice live in the wild, they typically only live for about six years.
  10. True or false: Nobody knows how the Academy Awards came to be referred to as the Oscars. The earliest mention was 1932, and was made official in 1939.
  11. True or false: By the time they have been retired for 2 years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce.
  12. True or false: Chewing gum boosts mental proficiency and is considered a better test aid than caffeine – but nobody knows why.
  13. True or false: When you exercise, the burned fat metabolizes to become carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Meaning: you exhale the fat that you lose.
  14. True or false: The day after Thanksgiving is called “Brown Friday” by plumbers in America because it is their busiest day of the year.
  15. True or false: All the paint on the Eiffel Tower weighs the same as ten elephants. It gets repainted every seven years without closing to the public.
  16. True or false: The longest unbroken alliance in world history is between England and Spain. It has lasted since 1386, and still stands today.
  17. True or false: Eight of the ten largest statues in the world are of Jesus.
  18. True or false: Elephants think people are cute, the same way people think puppies or kittens are cute.
  19. The Vatican had music which was forbidden to be copied and was only played twice per year. It was secret for almost 150 years until a 24-year-old Mozart heard it and transcribed it from memory.
  20. Algeria has more pyramids than any country with 255. They outnumber Egyptian pyramids by twice the amount.
  21. What do the Germans mean by Schorle?
  22. In the southern states of the US a coke does not necessarily refer to Coca Cola. It can also refer to?
  23. Where does the word ‘spa’ – meaning wellness resort – come from?
  24. Why is the 11th of November a holiday in several European countries?
  25. How do you almost always instantly know you are in a protestant church and not a catholic church?
  26. Which psychologist came up with the term ‘collective subconscious’?
  27. Does Sweden have a school where you can study to be a prostitute?
  28. Does South-Korea block children from watching porn on a phone they have bought?
  29. Is it legal to try and escape from prison in Belgium and the Netherlands?
  30. Can a person survive on nothing but beer for an entire year?
  31. What does an embassy do? Name at least three responsibilities.
  32. Who are the suicide bunnies?
  33. The comic book series ‘the smurfs’ started in which country?
  34. What’s a mutt?
  35. When France surrendered to Germany in 1940 Hitler insisted that the French signed the surrender in a train compartment. Why?
  36. What was Vichy-France? And why did it exist?
  37. Which European country had a very violent civil war in the 1930’s?
  38. The Dutch chocolate producer Tony’s Chocolonely makes a very extraordinary claim about its chocolate. The company tries to make its chocolate without….
  39. According to Karl Marx the capitalist system will inevitably crash because of its ‘internal contradications’. What is meant by these internal contradictions?
  40. What is not considered an aphrodisiac? A. Water melon B. Oysters C. Celery D. Cornflakes
  41. General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe, the commander of Bastogne during the Ardennes offensive replied with the word ‘nuts’ to the German request to surrender his troops. How did the Germans react? A. They sent over a delegation with a large crate of nuts B. They had no idea what he meant by that C. They correctly understood that he wanted to say the request was crazy D. They thought he had misspelled and that he had meant to write ‘butts’ to insult them
  42. Who is Richard Rychtarech? A. He is a member of the Slovak Parliament for the party Sme rodina B. He is the highest ranking military officer in Slovak C. He is het author of books like Slovenky, Tenka Hranica, Na smrt pekna
  43. According to many independent news sources the war in Syria started because A. Syria refused to have a gas pipeline over its territory connecting Qatar with Europe B. Syria attacked an American ship C. Turkey wants to conquer Syria
  44. What is the paleo diet?
  45. Babies are born with two fears. All other fears are learned later. Which two fears are we talking about?
  46. According to experts the best trick to make a person trust you is A. Do something nice for them, like wash their car B. Ask them to do something small for you, like a small favor C. Give them a big present
  47. What is planned obsolescence?
  48. Which of the following modern day countries was never conquered by the Romans? A. Belgium B. Croatia C. Scotland
  49. What is not a benefit of green tea? A. Green helps to protect your skin against the effects of the sun B. Green tea makes your heart beat slower which boosts your health C. Green tea helps to burn fat
  50. Ginseng has many benefits, but all these benefits can be traced back to one effect ginseng has on the human body. Which one? A. Ginseng increases the production of red blood cells B. Ginseng cleanses your kidneys C. Ginseng kills malignant bacteria in your intestines