Women are looking to trade their sexual value for the financial stability, excitement, adventure, status, material wealth, education, protection and future for themselves and their children or desired children a male can offer. They will be willing to offer their sex value to the highest bidder or highest bidders, plural.

They can of course easily be misled. If a man has enough perceived value their intuition often fails them. They will readily offer their sex value to any man who has or MAY HAVE status, confidence, power and doesn’t treat them like shit too openly.

When women are not immediately sexual around you it’s not because women are holy or asexual or whatever it just means you don’t have what makes them offer their sex value. They will always do so when the right man comes along.

Women like sex, but not more than they like buying a new pair of boots, spending time with family, taking selfies at a concert, getting a good evaluation at work or getting a haircut. To women sex is mostly a means to an end. When they have already reached that end they may come to value sex more for the pleasure of it, but most women can’t afford to be that way or they are not so independent minded to detach sex from what it can do for them.

It’s fair to say that women use sex as a weapon to tie desired men to them.

This is why they often abhor one night stands or situations involving fuck buddies or friends with benefits (a non-existing phenomenon by the way).

When women do agree to being friends with benefits it’s often because they have already found a puppet (= boyfriend or husband) and want to enjoy some action on the side. Or they agree hoping that offering sex will eventually tie the fuck buddy to them in the form of a boyfriend.

The worst thing you can do to your dating game is to think that women are somehow pure creatures without an agenda. Know what they are after and use it to your advantage.

Therefore it’s also sexual suicide to take dating advice from a heterosexual woman. Women will advice you to do exactly those things that will turn them off in reality. Women excel at thinking of themselves as morally advanced, as having only the nicest intentions, of always considering other people’s feelings. They don’t know what makes them wet between the legs. And if they know they are unlikely to admit it. They are afraid of being seen as superficial.

The fastest way to bedding a lot of women is to be rich and powerful (power here is a fluid concept, so it doesn’t mean you have to be the dictator of a small country. Power in any clear societal field is enough). The less you desire women the easier they will be turned on by you. You can also fake it. Have no money or status? Just behave exactly like men who do have money and status. Plenty of women will be tricked by that.

It’s not your fault that nature designed men and women to have needs that are in opposition, so learn the rules of the game and let them work in your favor.

The traditional model of one woman for the rest of your life is broken. Marriage is a man sacrificing a lot to make one woman sort of content (rarely happy for a long time).

There is no reason in this modern age to let yourself be tied down by one woman. Her sexual value will decline over time. Often rapidly.

There is no woman so hot that there is not a guy out there who is tired of fucking her.

Women themselves are very aware of this.

The joke is true:

Women are like hurricanes. When they come they are wet and wild and when they go they take away your house and your car.

You can be a nice guy and have no sex or only sex with one woman of low sexual value or be a ‘bad’ guy and not be tricked into being an imprisoned provider.