An Irish television channel, RTÉ, got some flak from the Catholic Church because it dared to air a sketch where God gets arrested for raping and impregnating a woman from the Middle East.

After receiving 600 complaints the pussies over at RTÉ went along with our current climate of ‘cancel culture’ and apologized.


Humor should not have shackles.

Plus, I don’t see what’s wrong with this sketch. Maybe it hits a nerve because it’s technically true. According to the circa 2000 years old dark fairy tale God did impregnate a woman without consent. Even worse he forced to give this woman to give birth to a son who was then killed in front of her eyes in one of the most sadistic ways possible.

It’s sad to see that a little bit of public outrage on the part of the social justice warriors and their favorite weapon – Twitter – almost always leads to an apology.

They aired it. There is nothing wrong with it. So what if it offends a few people? Why can’t people stand by their own actions anymore? That some people complain does not automatically make it wrong.

I find the sight of a church building by itself already offensive, but I don’t go around burning churches or campaigning to have them demolished or retooled as libraries or inquisition museums or shelters for the homeless or anything else the Jesus character might actually approve of.

I tolerate churches. Why can’t church going folks not tolerate a bit of humor? What’s next? An attack by Catholic millitants on RTÉ in Charlie Hebdo style??

If your God can’t handle a joke it must be a truly weak (or possibly non-existent) God.

The sketch even made another extremely important point: it exposed Ireland’s overly lenient punishment for sex offenders.

In the sketch God gets sentenced to 24 months, but he doesn’t actually have to serve his sentence.

Humor and satire are excellent methods to build awareness about flaws in society.

I think that it’s a very important message that should not be retracted.

I hope the same happens as with anything one tries to ban: I hope more people look for it.


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