The US keeps fucking itself and underdeveloped countries rich in natural resources, so let’s write about something more hopeful.

1. Sometimes you just get lucky

She likes you. You didn’t do anything. She just likes you. The only thing with the potential to block you now is you. Usually by being insecure and not being honest about your desire.

2. No gifts will convince her if she simply doesn’t feel it

Gifts may buy you a bit more communication with her – if she accepts them – but if she is not in the you gifts are not going to change her mind.

And be grateful. You don’t want to end up with a golddigger. Not many women are, but you can bumb into one or two in your life time.

3. Don’t overcomplicate. Women like signs of masculinity. The very smart ones usually look for other things though. But I mean the top smart ones. In general a friendly, sociable attitude with visible male traits will at the very least find you a wife.

4. Yes, you can study a routine to seduce women. It won’t work with every woman. An experienced one may quickly see through it. And you can study a routine for a six hour date, but you can’t study a routine for much longer than that. Eventually she’s going to get to see the real you and the magic of the routine will implode. And her intial attraction will melt away.

5. If you really want to give gifts keep them small and original and preferably funny. And tailored to her personality or some running joke the two of you have going on.

6. Here is a very simple one: giving her a fun nickname early on will dramatically raise your chances with her. Take a nickname that’s both flattering but also shows you are not thinking she’s perfect.

7. Don’t worship her. Worship later, but she’s not stupid. At first you don’t know her at all so all your worshipping while certainly ego-pleasing on some level will just make her assume you would worship pretty much any attractive woman who happened to smile at you.

8. Put your ego aside and read a book about what women want in bed.

9. If you can’t or will not wear stylish clothes at least have impeccable body hygiene.

10. Don’t use muscles or material possession as some sort of arguments as to why she should want to be with you. They may be a nice bonus, but if you are obviously using these things to ‘buy’ her then the deal will probably be off.

Bonus nr 11: NEVER take dating advice from a heterosexual woman. NEVER.


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